Our Services

We implement Customer Relationship Management software to small-medium businesses in Australia. This involves following stages:

Enlighten: We show you demos of the CRM product in action to show you its powerful capabilities

Listen: We then understand your business processes throughly and provide advise on the features  and limitations of the product

Plan: We gather & document technical requirements before proceeding to a formal Statement of Work and getting your sign-off.

Build & Iterate: We configure-build-customise your CRM solution in our non-production environment using an iterative approach - add feature by feature

System & User Access Testing: We do rigorous testing with yourself to ensure features work the way you want it. Once you are happy, we organize the CRM licenses and deploy it into your work environment

Data Migration: We transfer your existing business data into the CRM platform

Train & Rollout: We train your business administrator throughly & drive user adoption. We then 'Go-Live' - meaning you will be using the CRM in a production environment

Help & Support: We will support you during and after deployment and we can 
also quote you for any extra additional features you require in the future.

Our Process